We're foodie fanatics.

Just good is not good enough for CLUCK!. We scratch-make everything from the finest and freshest ingredients so it's CRAZY GOOD.

We make CLUCK! skillet-fried chicken, both original and gluten free, the slow, best way. First, we find the finest corn-fed fresh chicken on the market. Never, ever frozen. Then we marinate it for a day or two in buttermilk and spices so it practically melts in your mouth. After marinating, we dredge the chicken in our unique blend of flours and secret spices. Then drown the chicken in a deep fryer? Never. We slow-fry our chicken on the stove top in an iron skillet. Only then is CLUCK! chicken ready for you to enjoy.

And that same devotion to Artisian quality also goes into our CLUCKtisserie chicken. And into every one of our delicious scratch-made sides, including shoestring onion rings, Tennessee Mountain Beans, garlic mashed potatoes, and our baked mac'n cheese'n cheese.

You'll also love the bakery treat we invented...fresh fruit WaffleNuts. They're baked like waffles but eaten like donuts.


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